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Buxton Peak: Who Is Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is the main character in Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? by Julie Spencer.

Normally I would give a far more in depth review, however, this book is still on my "To be read" list.  I swear I'll get back to it.  However, my first impression in the very quick read of the first few pages did impress me and I'm looking to read it once I get through my very long list of books that I'm reading right now.

So, this is an even shorter post to let people know I haven't forgotten about my blog or the book.

I will get back to it, I promise.

In other news:

I have completely rewritten After Oil.  I'll be honest--I didn't like what I was reading and neither did reviewers.  I know some of you liked it, but even you all gave me a fair assessment of saying it needed work, and it needed some extra finishing.

So, I talked to the publishing house, and the editing team and I went over it with a fine-tooth comb.

There are some critical changes, but the storyline and plot points remain pretty much the same.

However, as I said, there are some critical changes:

  1. Terrence dies at the end of Chapter Four.  I won't spoil how or why, but it was a realistic end to a character that was basically the double to another one (ie: Derek).  Most of Terrence's lines and actions were easily moved to Derek.  If not Derek, then Tyrell or even Shiloh.
  2. Abigail doesn't make it to Book Two either.  Again, not spoiling why, or where, this was changed, but her lines & actions became Emilie's.
  3. Two characters outright merged into one:  Zara & Niala.  Did not need both of these characters at all, so with a bit of creative merging, made them into one, but kept the name of Niala in Zara's place.  Makes for a far more disturbed, and multi-dimensional, character in the end.
  4. Minor name changes:
  5. Mayor Valeria Piacentini -> Mayor Victoria Piacentini.  I'm sure most people won't even notice.
  6. Karen Wither-Sibulash -> Shiloh Wither-Sibulash.  There's a funny reason why, yes, there are now two characters very similar yet so, so different in the book.  The similarities and confusion that often results from them became far more logical other than, "We confuse them all the time, but the reason isn't that apparent."
  7. POV changes & tightening.  These really should have been caught by the editor hired, but, as I've said to a few people, there was a reason we fired him.  The Point-of-View characters now no longer bounce from person to person in the same scenes, and there's only so many characters with that honour, which makes the story that much easier to follow even if there are more than a few characters.  Now the POV sticks with one character per community, and there are only three primary ones versus six.  If the plot required a POV that was lost, the POV is seen from one of the other primaries.  An example of this would be with Derek--instead of it bouncing, even with a scene change, from Derek to the opposing, or even allied, side it remains on Derek and from his Point of View, even if it was limited.
  8. Major catches with redundant text and some fixes with grammar.  Keep in mind that I am Canadian, and so is my publisher.  There are some regional quirks.

That is pretty much it.  We are also going through The Last Iron Horse with the same comb, and the new version will be out before the new book in the series, Between Silence and Fire, hits shelves.


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